LaserLyte Laser Trainer Target
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Become a crack shot without spending cash on expensive training ammo with the LaserLyte Laser Trainer Target. Designed for use with LaserLyte’s popular line of laser trainers–including the original Laser Trainer, the Laser Trainer Pro, and the Laser Trainer Cartridge–the interactive Laser Trainer Target records precisely where a laser hits, helping save time, money, and ammunition. With the target, you can learn or teach such shooting skills as unsighted fire, accuracy, grouping, and t…

LaserLyte proudly debuts a new interactive Laser Trainer Target that records where a laser hits the target, to save shooters time, money and ammunition. For use with LaserLyte’s popular line of Laser Trainers including the original Laser Trainer, Laser Trainer Pro and new Laser Trainer Cartridge, the Laser Trainer Target is ideal for novice or professional shooters and even instructors. Learn or teach shooting skills, such as unsighted fire, accuracy, grouping and trigger control. The La…

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LaserLyte Laser Trainer Target